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9 Easy Sun Care Tips

It’s summertime in California and that means sun, sun, sun! Longer days, ample sunshine, and warm weather make for the perfect conditions to enjoy more time outdoors. Here are some suncare tips to help protect you from the heat and get you through the hot weather.

Whenever I am spending long periods of time enjoying the outdoors I always bring sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat with me :)


Here are some basic sun care tips to help protect your skin so You can enjoy yourself without worrying about the harmful effects of heat and sun damage .

1. Pick a good sunblock ☀️ 🧴:

The best sunblock is the one you actually use! There are so many different types of sunblock on the market now a days, that there’s one that fits the needs for everyone.

2. Re-apply Regularly!

Remember to apply sunblock regularly, every 2 hours or whenever sunblock has rubbed off on towels, clothing, hats, or from physical activity.

3. Have it easily accessible:

Having a travel sized, sunblock sticks, powder sunblocks, or sunblock cushions are a great and easy way to re-apply on the go!

4. Seek shade whenever possible:

Sometimes a break from the harsh, strong sun is exactly what you need to prevent burning. If possible, avoid being in direct sun for long periods of time especially between 10am- 4pm when the sun's rays are strongest.

5. Wear a hat to protect your face:

Large brimmed hats are fashionable and provide shade for your face on a bright sunny day.

6. Sunglasses are your eyeballs' best friend:

Your eyes are susceptible to sun damage as well. Having sunglasses with UVA/UVB will help prevent damage to the light sensitive cells in your eyes.

7. Stay hydrated:

Drinking enough water is key to good health, you’ve probably heard that your body is mostly water anyways. Replenishing fluids helps to prevent serious conditions such as heat stroke, headaches, nausea, and overexertion.

Also proper hydration helps to keep all of your cells intact and prevent damage from drying out. (Seriously, just think of a snail outside on a hot dry day 🐌 ☀️ 😵)

8. Skincare products:

A double win for your skin are regularly using skincare products that keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Products such as moisturizers and facial oils full of antioxidants help to increase cell regeneration and protect from damaging free radicals.

I like using carrot seed oil in my skincare routine because it is high in Vitamin A, antioxidants, and is anti-inflammatory.

9. After sun care:

Even though you may not have a sunburn, your skin will thank you if you apply cooling, moisturizing and skin healing products such as those that contain aloe vera, rose water, or calendula to help soothe, rehydrate, and protect your skin.

I have a few aloe plants growing so that I can have fresh aloe on hand whenever I need it. Using rose water as a toner also helps to soothe skin after a long day outdoors.

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